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José Manuel Zúñiga

"Not knowing how to read music is for me extremely liberating... When you do not know the rules, you are not aware that they are being violated. "

Citation de Phil Collins Not Dead Yet octobre 2016

Passionate about music from an early age, at the age of eight he decided to enter the Fribourg Conservatory to learn guitar.

In 1982, he began the classical guitar at the Conservatory, studying for 18 years.

At the same time, he will study at the current Haute Ecole de pedagogy in Fribourg, where he graduated as a primary school teacher.

Studying music in several forms, he discovers several talents as a choriste, host for the mass or various flamenco shows, he will discover his vocation: the teaching of the guitar.


Since 1999, he has found a place as a guitar teacher at the Broye Conservatory in Payerne.

His main tasks were:
-Teaching in individual classes to students from beginner to advanced levels.
-Preparing students for exams
-Class hearing organization

He is a volunteer and head of the Spanish Catholic mission in Fribourg, 36 years ago.

Currently, he is an active member of the Committee of the Association Fuente Flamenca of Villars-sur-glasses.

He joins the school Drum's cool let's Groove for a partnership and live one of these greatest pleasure: the evolution of his pupils.

"What I like most is to see how my students are progressing and to be able to share music at auditions, ensembles, orchestras and company."

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 "I want to hear emotion, art and it interests me more than someone who plays perfectly "

Citation de Vinnie Colaiuta batteur magasine #195 septembre 2006

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